We Care

The Horizon Senior Living is a family owned and operated Senior Retirement Community. Each one of our five homes is a licensed, 20-bed Senior Living Community for your peace of mind.

The goals of The Horizon Senior Living are:

To assist residents in maintaining their current level, or improving their current level of physical and mental functioning through activity, exercise, conversation, reading, stimulating games, proper nutrition, and a well managed medication schedule.
To address any health, social or psychological issues promptly to avoid hospitalization and to communicate with all persons involved in the resident's care.
For the resident to feel safe and have a sense of belonging.
For the resident to be well-nourished and hydrated.
For the resident to follow their Doctor's plan for medications and diet.
For the resident to feel that Horizon Senior Living is their home.
For the resident to feel clean and comfortable.

Contact Us For Information Or Employment:

(989) 386-4900